Adaptiv People: Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen Murphy tells us how she went from studying Psychology and Biology at the university, to conducting corporate training programs, and becoming a successful Instructional Designer.



ccording to Professor Eric Meyer, director of graduate studies at the Oxford Internet Institute, many students realise that their chosen field of studies isn't aligned to their life goals.

Kathleen Murphy, who has degrees in Psychology, Biology and Biochemistry was one of those many students, who realised that they don’t want to spend their life doing what they had studied to become.

As a Learning and Development consultant, with over two decades of experience in corporate training, Kathleen Murphy also trains people to become Instructional Designers, and pursue their dream life, as a digital nomad.

What made you change your career?

Soon after my graduation, I found a job in Corporate Training. I had started riding horses, and wanted more freedom, flexibility and money. I also found education very rewarding, which further fueled my decision to pursue a career in Learning and Development.

What were the challenges you faced when you made this transition?

As a completely self-taught Learning and Development consultant, I had to learn all the software I would be using for my training. But not just that. Since I work with corporate clients in Technology, Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Oil and Gas and Legal, I have also had to learn the software for which I had to train people.

Did you go through any training before becoming an Instructional Designer?

I started out as a stand-up classroom trainer. Training all day was tiring, but  I knew I wanted to stay in the education field. I used to look at the manuals I was teaching from, and knew I could easily create those on my own. So, I started writing “step-by-step” guides for my classes and job aides which built up a bit of a print portfolio. When eLearning became popular, I went online and got the trial versions of the softwares, I ordered the manuals and learned the most popular authoring software (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and Camtasia). I haven’t looked back since then…

Do you have any regrets?

None. You have to make the choice to make the change. This is the first and most important step you can make.

Despite, or perhaps, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kathleen finds herself busier than ever, as business are taking the opportunity of the slowdown in the economy and investing in the reskilling of their workforce, in order to make them more efficient with the WFH model. You can contact her through her website: ID Like Me.

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