How do you decide which career is best for you?

What career options do you have in the new economy? What skills do you need? As young people venture further into the new economy, they have no idea which career path will help them fulfill their long-term goals of job satisfaction and financial stability.



o you ever wonder if you’ve made the right career choice? Do you find yourself second guessing your choice, and wonder if you were actually meant to be doing something completely different?

More and more people are switching careers, or deciding to work in a field completely different from their educational background…from teaching to finance, from marketing to software applications, or from engineering to content writing. The reasons vary from insufficient income to lack of satisfaction.

So how can you avoid this dilemma and choose the best option for your career? On the Adaptiv platform, we use Machine learning algorithms and the power of AI to help you identify the most suitable career path for you. Here’s how:

Let’s start with your core skills and personality:

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is the first step towards choosing the right career. In an ideal world you should be able to translate your hobby into a career. But that isn’t always possible, so look for the subjects you’ve mastered. What are your salient skills? Do you lean towards creative subjects or something more analytical? Data science may be a popular career choice for most people, but if your strength lies in languages, it won’t work for you.

Once you’ve identified your skills, take a step back to understand your personality. Are you adventurous and like taking risks, or more data-driven and prone to opt for stability?

The Adaptiv chatbot, Ada, takes these answers, along with your experience and marries them with the current social / economic data available on the platform, to give you a unique perspective on what career path you should take.

Explore your options, choose a course, or start exploring gigs:
We will come back with a list of the fields in which you can work, based on your existing skills and personality. In addition to a description of each profile recommended for you, we will also recommend courses that you can take to polish your skills, or learn new skills to improve your profile. You can explore each option, taking the time to cross them with your personal list of must-haves in your professional life. Analyse each option, weighing the pros and cons in detail, before choosing the career that appeals to you.

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I think Jack of all, Master of None is the stupidest quote ever, and definitely not applicable to the post-COVID world of gigs and freelance work!

Kausik Venkatesan


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