How can you survive the job market of the future?

Growing automation and digitization of work has led to a growing uncertainty and ambiguity that looms over the job market, making agility and lifelong learning the need of the hour. What skills and traits will help you survive in the new world?



he growing automation and digitization of work has led to a growing uncertainty and ambiguity that looms over the job market, making agility and lifelong learning the need of the hour.

It is a necessity to continually upgrade your skill-set to succeed in a machine dominated environment. Some of the skills and traits that will help aspirants are:

Critical Thinking
There are some aspects in the workplace that require human logic and reasoning. Machines might be more efficient in performing specific tasks but they certainly cannot replace humans when it comes to making key decisions. As such, critical thinking will be a sought after skill in the future work space.

Creativity is not something that can be left to machines. It’s the humans who possess the ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative and original solutions. Whether it’s about the arts or about coming up with an original idea to solve a problem, creativity is always going to be a human element necessary for a work space.

Social skills
In today’s day and age, working in isolation is unheard of, especially if you consider the booming start-up culture. Communicating with people, both inter-organisation and intra-organisation is essential for growth. The ability to work in different cultural settings, with people from different generations who have diverse skills and styles will always be essential.

Emotional Intelligence
Possessing the ability to deal with different personalities is a major skill to have in order to react to situations and act appropriately. Self-awareness, one of the key elements of emotional intelligence can set individuals up for long term success. Having a complete understanding of your strengths and weaknesses teaches you to manage them more effectively in the workplace.

We operate in a dynamic work environment where everything is changing at a faster pace than we can hardly keep up with. Be it the organisational structures or the tools that we use — everything is constantly evolving. In fact, many of the jobs that will be important in the days to come do not even exist yet. Hence it is vital to keep track of the changing trends and adapt to the new job landscape.

Cognitive Abilities
Multi-tasking has already become a norm today. Going forward, there will be a huge demand for aspirants who can juggle between multiple ideas and plenty of information simultaneously. Another skill that will be desirable is the ability to prioritise and focus on what is important.

Focus on Service
Being able to anticipate the needs of the end user or customer will be as important as the other skills. Being service oriented demonstrates that an individual is quick on their feet and has the ability to cope with changing circumstances.

Problem Solving & Decision-Making
Problem solving and decision making are skills that are in great demand even today. In the future, organisations will have to tackle more complex and multi-dimensional difficulties that will require a strong approach and tough decision-making skills.

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If the last few months have taught us anything, it's that learning and self-improvement are the only way to future-proof our careers. Upskilling and reskilling are no longer just buzz words, they are a necessity!

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