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The Adaptiv platform uses personality type theory, big data and AI to help find people the right freelancing career path. Ada is our chat bot that is powered by the platform.

Titash Neogi

Titash Neogi

Entrepreneur and Founder
recent study done by the OECD and the EU has shown that globally, the middle class is disappearing. The world is increasingly being divided between the very poor and the very rich.

A process that was started by automation, AI and outsourcing has been hastened further by Covid19 – squeezing the middle class out of their jobs.

We don’t need an economic organization to tell us this – we are all facing the pressures in our daily lives. Increasing costs, lower salaries, a constant worry of job loss – there is immense stress on our work life currently.

Never before has any generation come under so much pressure in such little time – perhaps barring the Great Recession of 1918 and the World Wars. It is safe to say that in the last 70 years, we have only seen an increase in middle class affluence and thus there is no recent memory of the situation we are currently facing.

No Playbooks, not enough mentors
The old playbook of steady jobs, steady salaries and annual increments has been blown to bits in 2020. People who had great careers, amazing salaries and finances one day, were out of jobs the very next day. People who had secure futures are now sitting dead in the water and don’t know what to do next.

Our parents, teachers, and guides have never been in this situation, and are thus not in a position to help us, despite all their good intentions and willingness.

We all need help right now to navigate this situation, and save our work lives and financial condition. We need to know what lies ahead, which jobs will be lost, which skills to pick up, and how to stay ahead of the curve. We need to be sure that we will be able to maintain our incomes, and grow them each year, regardless of economic situations, changes in technology or pandemics.

The key to navigating uncertainty is to treat your professional careers in the same way that hedge fund managers or financial planners treat financial portfolios. That might seem like a strange idea, but bear with me for a minute and I will explain it further.

In the financial world, it is a common practice to de-risk one’s portfolio. No one invests their entire capital in a single stock, savings scheme or mutual fund. Its common practice to come up with a financial plan that is based on a combination of your life goals, financial needs and earning capability. Smart money folks know that it is how you deploy your funds more than how much you make, that really adds to long term financial stability.

Let Ada be your mentor, your professional portfolio manager:
If time is the most valuable asset you have at any given moment, then you need your personal fund manager to tell you how to deploy this asset in the most efficient way for the maximum amount of returns, stability and growth.

In a fluctuating job market, where businesses are seeing extreme volatility, you need to have multiple career paths open in front of you, and be capable of switching seamlessly from one to another. This might seem daunting, complex or even impossible, but it is surprisingly simple if done with the right guidance.

We are all capable of multiple skill-based tasks, of doing more than one thing or developing new skills – with the right inputs about what skills to develop based on our core strengths, personality and what is in demand out there.

Adaptability – which is what Ada, our bot is based on – is a key ingredient of survival and success in the future. But how does one go about becoming adaptive? How does one know what is right and wrong, what skills to develop, what paths to pursue and where to look for the right guidance?

“In God we trust, all others must bring data.”
Why should you trust a chat bot – not a human – to tell you what to do in life? After all, how can a piece of software know what’s better and what isn’t. Why should you believe something that isn’t real?

When I started thinking about my own career in the context of uncertainty and long term growth – I realized that the only thing that I can rely on is the data out there. And there is a lot of data out there, that can be used as input signals to tell you what to do next, what courses to take and which ones to avoid.

The problem with this data driven approach is that it takes a lot of time and becomes almost its own project – taking you away from your key job of staying on job! You need to segregate the noise from the signal, you need to learn to trust the sources and identify whats relevent and what isn’t – all of which takes time – which is the one commodity we are all trying to get the best out of here.

Out of this problem was born the idea of taking a data driven approach to career planning – especially for the new freelancing world. We started looking at thousands of data points out there and coding them into signals in the form of a knowledge graph.

We also started looking at Machine learning algorithms and the power of AI to harness this graph – and answer questions like – what have thousands of people who are similar in profile to me and skills like me done to become successful? What career paths are similar or need the same skills and which courses lead to the most effective way of getting to a certain career path?

We then took all of this data, knowledge graph and the algorithms and coded that into Ada – our bot. This bot is a culmination of collective research, state of the art technology and an innate desire to make career planning an accessible, personal tool for everyone.

Ada the bot takes into account over a hundred different signals, including your experience, personality type, previous experience and life goals and then uses the current social / economic data available on the platform to give you a unique perspective on what career path you should take. It identifies your skill gaps for a particular career, helps you better understand how to become a freelancer and points you to the right direction in terms of courses to take, similar domains to pursue or simply evaluate some completely alternative career goals.

Named after Lady Ada Lovelace – the world’s first computer programmer – Ada symbolises everything that humanity in general, and freelancers in specific stand for – being able to adapt and pursue uncharted territories and succeed at the end of that, with logic, knowledge and innovation.

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Titash Neogi

Titash Neogi

Entrepreneur and Founder

Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.

Geoffrey Moore

Ada symbolises everything that humanity in general, and freelancers in specific stand for - being able to adapt and pursue uncharted territories and succeed at the end of that, with logic, knowledge and innovation.

Titash Neogi


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