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Adaptiv is an AI-powered platform for helping people find the right path in work. It uses machine learning models to provide plans that are personalised to the personality type, personal ambitions and skills.

Titash Neogi

Titash Neogi

Entrepreneur and Founder
reelancing is here to stay and go mainstream. This might sound drastic for those of us who are in steady jobs or who have come from families with parents holding steady careers.

But if you haven’t dropped off yet, it is likely you are mild to highly curious about this topic.
Fueled by a global pandemic, the wave of automation has crashed through millions of jobs all over the world. Families that were on a steady path of economic growth are suddenly threatened by bankruptcy or economic distress. Single income people are the most hit by this, because with the one job gone, they have no means to support themselves or their families.

Why Freelancing?

All of this brings to the fore the fact that it is no longer possible to rely on a single career path or job for your entire life. In this new world, freelancing is the key to stability – whether you have a day job and put in a few hours of work in the night or you are a full time freelancer.
For employers too, its likely to be a better option to hire contractual workers than long term employees – because demand prediction is going to be hard, and with lessons learnt from the Pandemic, they will be reluctant to have a large permanent workforce for some time to come. This two way push will lead to a high demand for people who are comfortable with contractual work in all domains and are likely to expect lesser than permanent employees but stil capable of performing the same or better at the workplace.

This is not to say that permanent employees will disappear altogether but I am betting my money on most of us having multiple gigs, a combination of short term and long term employment, by the time 2021 rolls in.

The problem of bias – why it’s likely to get misled in your career path choices
But for many of us, the challenge of starting out as a freelancer or transitioning into a freelancer role seems impossible or complex. It might be due to the fact that your current job and skill sets don’t lend well to doing work outside of traditional structured setup, OR, it might be because you don’t know how to get that first freelancing gig to begin with.

Most of us are products of an educational system that was not designed for the world we live in today. We might be experts in certain fields but we are not necessarily experts in what is known as transfer learning – the ability to transfer the capabilities in one domain to another.

We often rely on outside sources to tell us what to do – most of which have some sort of a bias – marketing folks trying to sell us courses, parents or mentors trying to sell us their worldview and friends trying to sell us something with incomplete knowledge.

A freelancing career – one that is best suited for you and that allows you to insure yourself against any potential hiccups on the global scene – is built on identifying the following factors:

1. Personality types
2. Life goals and ambitions
3. Past career experiences
4. Core skills and strengths
5. Formal education level

The traditional approach to career development has been for experts who understand the role each of these aspects play in a job role, and then recommend what careers to take up. The idea was for people early on in their lives to choose what career they want to pursue, identify if that’s suitable for them or not and then tell them how to go about it.

There has never been a room for having multiple career paths, mid career changes, or the assumption that someone who was trained to do only one type of work might one day find themselves out of a job because the industry they were working in disappeared overnight.

Science to the rescue – using big data to identify a road map

If we know just one thing about AI today, it’s that it is putting us all out of our jobs. But at Adaptiv we are working on harnessing the power of AI and big data and marrying it to the science behind career planning – that till now was the realm of human experience and intelligence – and building a science-backed tool.

This tool – that you can access as a chat bot, Ada – is designed from the ground up with a single assumption – that nothing that is true today for a person’s career, will hold good tomorrow. What this means is that the Adaptiv platform is capable of processing hundreds of data sources to identify changes in requirements of existing career paths and identify new career sources.

But it doesn’t stop just at that – Adaptiv also takes anonymous inputs from personality and professional graphs of thousands of existing freelancers and is building a knowledge graph of the best combinations needed for a freelance career path in a given domain.

Using Machine Learning algorithms like K-Nearest Neighbors, Naive Bayes and by harnessing the power of data available from data platforms the Adaptiv platform can build a highly accurate and personalized career path for an individual.

How does this work ?

Setup your profile:
When you start conversing with Ada, our career chat bot, you are asked a series of questions that helps it map out the three crucial inputs – core skills, personality and experience levels.

Get recommendations:
Ada then fires a query into Adaptiv graph and brings back a set of career options for you. These career options are created from the data crawled by us and the algorithms designed by our experts to cluster the data. We look at the most similar set of profile paths based on the KNN algorithm to create these recommendations.

Choose to follow or ask questions:
At this point in the conversation with Ada, you can either dig deeper into any of the career paths that it recommends for you – know more on what it entails, what you can expect to make from it and how to get started on it. Or, you can ask a question in plain English. This question can be related to any further information you need, or related to something else that is important to you from a career perspective

Human Plus AI:
The questions are directed to our network of experts and career mentors, who are looking at the data and information that Ada provides and then this combination of human and AI powers the responses for you.

As you interact with Ada it understands more about you and then keeps sending you more information to help you navigate and get better in your career. This constant conversation with Ada can happen at any time – while at commute, while waiting at the dentist or while you are about to hit the bed at the end of the day. The science and power of artificial intelligence is at your fingertips at all times to help you get started and become stronger in handling multiple freelance career paths.

One last word – this is two way traffic. You make Ada better by interacting with it and thus help others in the community too, because the more data and more people Ada interacts with , the better it is able to help people in their freelance career planning. This is our final mission behind building Adaptiv – a science backed community level career planning for the whole world.

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Titash Neogi

Titash Neogi

Entrepreneur and Founder


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