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Supercharge Your Career Growth with Ada
Don't rely on outdated advice. Let Ada's AI algorithms generate a unique career path for you.
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Personalized Guidance from our AI Ada
We assign you a mentor to provide customized guidance along your career journey.
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Custom Courses Tailored to Your Needs
Learn only what you need to succeed in your chosen career path with our customized courses.
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What makes us special?
End-to-end career intelligence from career mentoring to upskilling for the future of work.
Super smart AI Ada
Our AI-powered career mentor tracks emerging requirements in the new economy, and can help you choose the best path to professional success.
Personalized experience
Follow a customised leanring journey to get the right information needed for upskilling and achieving your professional goals.
Cheap cost
Pay less than the price of a coffee to get full access to our premium micro-courses and career mentoring plans.
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Lifetime access
Come back any time to consult Ada and the Adaptiv open library throughout your professional life.
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How Adaptiv works?
Discover skills requirements, get personalised mentoring and learn through bite-sized lessons to achieve your career goals.
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Create your free account on Adaptiv and start discovering the emerging career paths and skills requirements for the new economy.
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Consult your goals with Ada
Chat with Ada, our AI-powered career mentor to get a personalised learning journey for achieving your professional goals.
Ada assigns a mentor
Get a personal career mentor who will answer your questions, and guide you towards success on your chosen career path.
Get personalized course
Your mentor will work with the Adaptiv team & AI to create a highly personalised leanring journey with micro-courses suited for your trajectory.
Follow your dream goal
Upskill with the right information about your industry, and get ready for a lifetime of professional success.
Broad selection of courses
Adaptiv provides hundreds of micro-lessons on emerging skill requirements of the new economy.
Marketing & Content
Web3 & New tech
Product development
Sustainability & Ecology
FinTech & Crypto
People & Culture
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Affordable Career Growth Solution
Our innovative platform costs only 33 cents a day, providing accessible career growth solutions for all.
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Check out the success stories of Adaptiv learners
it is a very helpful and easy to use learning app, kudos to the Adaptiv team.
Winfrida Massawe
Have completed a few lessons on the app and have found those to be informative and useful. They not only provide the relevant info required to build knowledge on a topic, but are also quite engaging and easy to follow.
Anureet Kaur
I have had an amazing experience. The content on this application is very simple to understand and grasp. I would urge you all to learn here. It's an amazing platform
Laurine mtaita
Very interesting app, or let me call it a small educational institution, a lot of knowledge about Business management like about the matter of compliance, skills required for content moderation,...
Arewar mu
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