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Get a personalized career recommendation and a roadmap based on your skills profile, passions and life goals..
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How will Adaptiv help you find a job?
We are committed to helping you achieve your true potential with end-to-end career intelligence from mentoring & upskilling to secure a position.
Our research
Our job-market research revealed that AI is going to have an impact on how we work. Upskilling will be key to managing this transition.
Our data
Our job graph shows that new jobs are added daily, but the existing workforce is lacking in the key skills required for the AI- economy.
Our expertise
A team of seasoned professionals in AI, Learning Science and User Experience, we work with senior industry experts in different fields.
Our values
We believe that adaptability and lifelong learning are key to professional success.
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Choose from our AI-First Career Programs
Artificial Intelligence is moving faster than expected and changing the way we work across industries
Software Engineering for AI
Build a career as a software engineer in the AI economy
AI for Product Management
Drive product success with AI tools
AI for Project Management
Lead projects seamlessly with AI tools.
AI for Sustainability
Build the Green Economy using ethical AI.
AI for Content & Marketing
Craft compelling stories with the power of AI
AI for UI/UX Design
Shape user experiences with AI tools.
How Adaptiv works
Get personalised mentoring and learn through bite-sized lessons for a successful career in AI.
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Chat with Ada, our AI-powered career mentor to get a personalised career recipe, and unlock success in the AI economy.
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Get a personal career mentor who will answer your questions, and guide you towards success on your chosen career path.
Transition to a career in AI
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or have some understanding of AI. We’ve got your back! We will work closely with you to prepare you for success in the AI-powered economy.
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The Adaptiv Promise
We are dedicated to help you acquire industry-relevant skills and move forward in your career
Progress in your existing role
Progress in your existing career path. by learning how to use AI to work more efficiently, and move with the times.
Upgrade and move to a higher position
Tap into the power of AI to impress your seniors, get promotions and a remuneration that matches your profile.
Transform and move to a new role
Ue the power of AI to fuel your career transformation, and move on to a new role in your chosen industry.
Protect your career from disruptions & recession
Master AI to protect yourself from being replaced by automation software, or AI-enabled professionals.
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New Jobs in AI
AI Music Programmer
AI Retail Strategist
Chief AI Officer
What is Narrow AI?
What is AGI?
What is AI Strategy?
AI Hallucinations
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What people are saying about us...
it is a very helpful and easy to use learning app, kudos to the Adaptiv team.
Winfrida Massawe
Have completed a few lessons on the app and have found those to be informative and useful. They not only provide the relevant info required to build knowledge on a topic, but are also quite engaging and easy to follow.
Anureet Kaur
I have had an amazing experience. The content on this application is very simple to understand and grasp. I would urge you all to learn here. It's an amazing platform
Laurine mtaita
Very interesting app, or let me call it a small educational institution, a lot of knowledge about Business management like about the matter of compliance, skills required for content moderation,...
Arewar mu
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