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Future-Proof Jobs In Cryptocurrency

G. Shrivastava

August 16, 2022

Call it gold for nerds, a great investment, a currency without a government…cryptocurrency is the future! ⁠Entering the cryptocurrency space now gives you a chance to explore the potential opportunities that come with crypto and blockchain technology.

What skills are needed for cryptocurrency jobs?

It goes without saying that tech skills are essential to work in cyptocurrency: Java, machine learning, Python, Artificial Intelligence, C / C ++, Node.js, and Amazon Web Services.

Job postings mentioning either ‘cryptocurrency’‘bitcoin’ or ‘blockchain’ increased by 194 % year over year, 2018 to 2017, and these weren’t just technical jobs. There were also opportunities for others, since the industry has led to the growth of related jobs.

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If you’re passionate about cryptocurrency, but don’t have a technical background, here are some future-proof jobs in Bitcoin and Blockchain that you can explore:

1. Business Development Representative

As a Business Development Representative, you would have to scope out new business opportunities across multiple industries, like healthcare, finance, real estate, etc

Skills required:

  • An understanding of the purpose of your company’s cryptocurrency application
  • Sales experience and communication skills.
  • A degree in business, finance, or communications.

2. Financial Analyst

As a Financial Analyst working in cryptocurrency, you would have to help clients by recommending investments, developing investment strategies, assessing risk, and maintaining investment portfolios.

Skills required:

  • A degree from the financial industry regulator.
  • Excellent analytical, computer, and math skills
  • A deep understanding of how new regulations, policies, political situations and economic trends can affect your client’s investments.

3. Crypto Journalist

As a journalist working in the crypto niche, you would focus on all news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Skills required:

  • A degree in communication, media or journalism, with relevant experience in the field of writing articles about finance.
  • A passion for all that’s crypto and blockchain!

4. Technical writer

Technical writers work with companies that create new types of cryptocurrency and need technical documents to attract investors.

Skills required:

  • An understanding of blockchain technology
  • Excellent writing skills and experience in social media and digital marketing.

5. Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager working in cryptocurrency you would have to identify future users, monitor trends, and develop strategies to popularise the industry, and ensure that potential users and investors know that the currnecy exists and how it works.

Skills required:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any field, with experience in advertising, marketing, promotions or sales.
  • An enterprising person with strong creative and analytical skills.

6. Research analyst

As a research analysts in crypto, your work will revolve around studying the latest arrivals and innovations in the industry, and providing the information required to educate the target audience.

Skills required:

  • A degree in market research or a similar field.
  • Strong skills in data analysis, strategic thinking, and written communication.
  • A deep understanding of the cryptocurrency industry — availability and differences between currencies, technologies, trading platforms, applications, etc.