What Kind Of Opportunities Exist In The No-Code Domain?

This is the second post in my series on No - Code as a freelancing opportunity for young professionals. The first part talks about what No-Code is and why it is likely to see major growth in the coming years.

Titash Neogi

Titash Neogi

Entrepreneur and Founder
o-Code platforms and platforms that provide easy solutions to problems that were only solvable by writing a lot of code earlier are seeing major growth.

These platforms are a favorite amongst startups and early-stage companies. As these companies grow, what starts as an experiment, often becomes a full-blown product, completely powered by no-code platforms. This is the sweet spot where you, as a freelancer can find an opportunity. With the right know-how and an understanding of the web in general, you could become a valuable asset to any startup or young company.

As a solutions consultant to build MVP

As the economy goes through a recession, and people lose their jobs or leave, a new kind of opportunity is opening up for younger freelancers. While the general impression is that people losing their jobs is a bad thing, it turns out that a lot of people who lose their jobs look to build new businesses or try out ideas. These early-stage entrepreneurs are looking to build an MVP on a tight budget. As a solutions consultant, you can become the one-man army who designs, develops, and hosts the entire MVP within that budget. This is possible with no-code platforms that offer people all the tools they need, as long as they know the concepts of the web, fast self-learners, understand what a startup needs, and are capable of creative, logical thinking.

As an innovation consultant for innovation labs

If you have a few years of experience in the corporate world and are now looking to do something on your own, innovation consulting is something you should think about. You can teach yourself everything about No-Code platforms and how to build solutions on them. Large companies are waking up to the fact that they need to innovate, do experiments and think as startups do. But they have to do so within the corporate mandate. In the last 5 years, almost all major companies have created digital labs and innovation hubs to run MVP and experiments. You, as an experienced corporate professional, and with the know-how of a no-code platform can carve out a niche for yourself in this space, leverage your existing contacts to land such gigs.

As a No – Code AI Consultant

What! What? Yes, you heard that right – you can do AI without code too. In 2020 and onwards, AI is going to become more and more commoditized. If you are a “mathy” person and know the high-level concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, (or are willing to take a few hours of Udemy classes on it), then you can get going on that path. AI Platforms that are built on the no-code concept enable startups and companies to test the waters of AI without investing tons of money. Your role is to run the bells and whistles of these platforms and work with the business to come up with solutions that achieve these experiments.

As a No -Code teacher

This is a bit more into the future, but my bet is that very soon schools and colleges will wake up to the fact that No -Code is a big wave, and an opportunity for their non-tech students to land jobs. As the industry expands, demand rises, so will the need for people to fill those gaps. Educational institutions will look for people with expertise in No-Code platforms to come and design curriculum and run classes, as well as mentor the students on this path.

The future belongs to those who adapt

If all of this is new for you, and you are finding it hard to trust or believe this will happen, don’t worry. Spend some time researching the web and you will see for yourself the trends are clear. No-code career paths will call for us to change the way we think about work, deliverables, roles, and responsibilities. By definition, these opportunities are likely to be freelance-oriented, fast-changing, and requiring quick thinking and iteration. This means you will need to be comfortable with adapting to a high degree of change, be a self-learner, and a great communicator. While learning the tools themselves might be relatively easy, the winners in these games will be those who have the ability to adapt, learn and iterate.

In part three of this series, I will talk about how to get started on this journey of No-Code. Stay tuned.

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Titash Neogi

Titash Neogi

Entrepreneur and Founder


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