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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can use Adaptiv like a pro

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What is Adaptiv?

Adaptiv is a full-stack career intelligence platform that helps students and professionals achieve their professionals goals through mentoring & upskilling opportunities.

Ada, our AI-powered career mentor can help young people find career paths, that match their aspirations and skills set with the requirements of the industry. In addition to helping people choose future-ready careers, Ada can also help them acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen career with micro-lessons.

How does Adaptiv work?

Adaptiv is a full-stack career intelligence platform, powered by Generative AI (Large Language Models likeGPT3.5 and GPT4) combined with Adaptiv knowledge graph that monitors data on emerging rends and requirements in the job market.
Step 1: Share your educational background, skills & interests, aspirations & goals with Ada.
Step 2: Ada will analyse the inputs from the chat conversations to generate a customized career recipe and learning journey for you.
Step 3: Review your recipe and upgrade to get tailor-made micro-courses that will help you get closer to your goal.

The micro-courses on Adaptiv are created using a combination of the Feynman technique and the Gradual Release Model of Instruction, that helps indiiduals acquire knowledge by breaking down information into bite-sized modules, which are easier to understand and retain.

How can I achieve my career goals?

Our mission is to provide the most relevant career intelligence to students and professionals so they can take data-driven decisions regarding their career, and acquire the most important skills needed in the future of work.

You can super-charge your career and achieve your professional goals by:
šŸ‘‰ chatting with Ada to discover the most suitable career path for your profile and job market trends.
šŸ‘‰ following a tailor-made career recipe, generated by Ada's AI based on your goals and aspirations.
šŸ‘‰ upskilling and acquiring the right information needed to succeed in your chosen career.

What is a career recipe?

A career recipe is a tailor-made learning journey and career path, generated by Ada's AI.

It helps provide a clear roadmap and direction for individuals looking to pursue a particular career by outlining the necessary skills, knowledge, and experiences required to progress in a specific career, and helping individuals understand what steps to take and what goals to aim for

How can I get a customized career recipe?

A customised career recipe is a learning journey and career path that has been generated by Ada's AI based on your skills and interests, and the requirements of the industry.

You can get a tailor-made career recipe by chatting with Ada, and telling her about your education and professional goals. She will generate a recipe after analysing your profile and the emerging trends in the job market. If you're satisfied with the recipe generated for you, you can save it to your personal plan.

If you want assistance in achieving your goals, you can also upgrade to Adaptiv Premium, and get micro-lessons based on your customised learning journey. Learn more about our plans here.

Why should you follow a career recipe?

There are several advantages of following a career recipe on Adaptiv:
šŸ—ŗļø Clarity and direction: Clear roadmap for career paths
ā±ļø Time and effort savings: Pre-made paths save research time
šŸ“š Structured learning: Sequential order for skill acquisition
šŸ’¼ Industry relevance: Aligned with current trends and employer demands
šŸ”„ Motivation and accountability: Goals, milestones, and sense of progress.

How can I save another user's career recipe?

If you think that a career recipe generated by another user is relevant for you, you can also follow the same path by:
šŸ‘‰ adding it to your personal plan after logging in / signing up.
šŸ‘‰ upgrading to Adaptiv Premium for a customised learning journey.

If you want a customised recipe, then you will have to share your profile and goals with Ada.

What is the advantage of AI-powered career mentors?

AI powered mentors have several advantages over human mentors:

  1. Personalized career guidance
  2. Career path visualization
  3. 24/7 availability
  4. Cost-effective
    Learn more about Ada, our AI-powered mentor here.

How is the learning journey made?

Your personalised learning journey is compiled by our team of learning experts, aided by our faithful AI, Ada. We take into account your goal, as well as your areas of interest to create a unique learning journey that will help you achieve your career goals.

What is micro-learning?

Microlearning is an educational approach that delivers short, focused learning modules or activities to learners, typically in the form of bite-sized content. It aims to provide quick bursts of information or skills training that can be easily consumed and applied, often leveraging digital technologies for accessibility and convenience.

Micro-learning has several benefits:

  • Minimum investment of time and equipment
  • Reduced cognitive load, leading to higher retention.
  • Greater flexibility to complete courses at your own pace.

Learn more about micro-learning and its benefits here.

Can I get a certificate for completing my courses?

Certificate of course completion is only given to users who have subscribed to one of our paid plans.

As a paid user, we record your progress in a secure ledger. Your certificate will be sent to your registered email within 7 days of completing all the courses in a career recipe, as well as any additional quizzes we might send to test your knowledge.

How is Adaptiv different from Google?

One of the main advantages of AI-based career mentoring is its ability to provide personalized guidance Unlike a simple Google search, which can yield thousands of generic results, Adaptiv uses algorithms to analyze an individual's career aspirations and provide tailored recommendations, based on an individual's unique interests, skills, and career goals.

How are Adaptiv courses different from courses on Udemy/Coursera?

The courses on Adaptiv are based on the pedagogical format of delivering information in short and focused lessons that can be completed anywhere, anytime.

The micro-lessons available on Adaptiv helps you get the right amount of information needed to work towards your career goals. Unlike traditional courses and MOOCs, Adaptiv doesn't require much investment in time. So you can learn on the go, and always stay relevant & ready for success.

What are Large Language Models?

Language models are machine learning models that are trained to predict the likelihood of a sequence of words. They are commonly used in natural language processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and image captioning.
Language models take in a sequence of words as input and assign a probability to each word in the sequence, indicating how likely it is to occur given the context of the previous words. The model can then be used to generate text by sampling words from the probability distribution, with the most likely words being more likely to be chosen.
Language models can be trained on a large dataset of text and can learn the patterns and structure of the language. This allows them to generate text that is similar in style and content to the training data. On Adaptiv, we have trained LLMs on text books, research papers, and constantly incoming data on job market trends to generate career recipes and micro-lessons for upskilling.

What is the future of work?

šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’¼ Rapid advances in technology, the global economy, shifting political realities, and changing demographics will influence the future of work.
šŸ”® Experts believe that the future of work will be increasingly automated, and specialised. The green economy and creator economy are expected to grow, and telecommuting and other forms of remote work are likely to become more common.

Is Adaptiv a paid service?

The micro-courses in the Adaptiv Academy, and consultations with Ada, our AI-powered career mentor are available for free to everyone.

If you want a more personalised learning path based on your own professional goals, you can upgrade to Adaptiv premium.

Learn more about our plans and pricing policy here.

What is Adaptiv premium?

Upgrading to Adaptiv Premium unlocks a more personalised experience:

  1. Personalised learning path based on your goals.
  2. 1:1 career mentoring with experts
  3. AI-powered career tips & job search

Why should I pay for Adaptiv?

Adaptiv Premium offers expertise, personalized recommendations, time efficiency, continuous support, unbiased advice, confidence, and access to exclusive resources. We also provide data-driven insights that will help you get closer to your career goals.

Why can't I access my subscription?

If you have a paid subscription, and can't find your customised courses, you need to check if you are logged in with the right email address.

If the email is right, and you still don't have access to your content, please send an email to and our team will get in touch with you to fix the issue.

Can I change my plan / subscription?

If you want to change your subscription plan, you can send an email to and our team will get in touch with you to find the best solution for you.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you signed up for Adaptiv Premium with different expectations, and want to cancel your subscription, you can send an email to and our team will get in touch with you to find the best solution for you.
āš ļø We might take a few days to process your request. To learn more about the process, please consult our subscriptions page.

Can I get a refund on my Adaptiv subscription??

If you signed up for Adaptiv Premium with different expectations, and want a refund you can send an email to and our team will get in touch with you to find the best solution for you.
āš ļø We might take a few days to process your request. To learn more about the process, please consult our subscriptions page.