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How does Adaptiv work?
A smart combination of Learning Science and Generative AI helps make Ada, the best companion for your career path.
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How Adaptiv works
Powered by AI, enhanced by Human Intelligence
Ada’s intelligence comes from Large Language Model
Ada analyses the inputs from user conversations to generate a customized career recipe and learning journey to help individuals achieve their professional goals.
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Tapping into the wealth human wisdom on the Web
Ada monitors everything published on the Web from job portals to research by experts across industries to generate data-driven recommendations.
Ada cares about your career aspirations
You can chat wth Ada and tell her what you know, what you like, and what you dream of doing in your career, so she can go beyond generalized advice offered by other career platforms.
The right advice for your skills set, interests and goals.
Ada takes into account your interests, hobbies and goals, and combines that with emerging trends in the job market industry to recommend the most viable career path for you.
Ada can go beyond human guidance.
Unlike a human mentor, Ada is available 24/7, which means that individuals can access them at any time and from any location.
Why should you talk to Ada?
Ada is an AI-powered career mentor who tracks industry emerging requirements, and can help you choose the most suitable career path for your skills, interests & goals..
Super smart AI Ada
Ada’s uses a combination of Large Language Models and the Adaptiv Knowledge Graph to generate career recommendations.
Focused advice
Unlike a simple Google search, which can yield thousands of generic results, Ada’s algorithms can analyze an individual's career aspirations and provide personalized advice.
Data-driven & future-ready
Ada can leverage data to provide insights into specific industries and career paths, and help individuals make more informed decisions about their future careers.
Continuous support
Ada can provide ongoing support and guidance throughout an individual's career journey, whether they are starting in their careers, or making a career change.