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Supercharge your career with Adaptiv
Move closer to professional success by investing less than 4$ / day. Choose your career path; start your learning journey and get ready to land a job within a few months!
Invest 99$/month for 6 months to unlock success
Personalised micro-learning path based on your goals.
1:1 career mentoring with industry experts and live workshops.
Interview preparation, resume and cover letter review
Industry relevant updates and professional project
Job search assistance and direct connections to hiring managers.
Unlock your career potential in just 6 months
A six-step journey designed for a transformative experience, combining knowledge acquisition, skill refinement, practical application, and job market readiness.

Existing programs cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of a job. Adaptiv’s 6 month program is more than a service; it's a promise – a promise to guide towards success. If, for any reason, a user doesn't secure a position within their chosen domain, we offer a full refund. *
* Terms and conditions apply
Month 1: Start your journey
Commit to regularity and build a strong foundation for your career journey with a daily micro-learning session.
Get personalized guidance and insights from your Adaptiv-appointed mentor to shape your career aspirations.
Month 2: Build your foundation
Continue your micro-learning journey to acquire the necessary skills for your chosen career path, and engage in mandatory mentoring sessions with your mentor.
Month 3: Upskill for career-readiness
Upskill to improve the essential skills required for professional success– Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Digital Skills. Learn about the latest AI tools and emerging technologies in your field.
Month 4: Complete a professional project
Undertake a professional project assigned by your mentor. Apply your newfound knowledge in a real-world scenario, gaining practical experience.
Month 5: Refine your profile
Fine-tune your professional profile with expert guidance. Ensure your resume and cover letter showcase your skills effectively, and master the art of presenting yourself confidently and professionally.
Month 6: Get ready to land a job
Leverage our resources and guidance to navigate the job market successfully. Get tailored assistance in finding opportunities aligned with your career goals.
Guaranteed success,or money back*
🔐 Your Success is our priority: We are committed to your success.Our premium plan is designed to maximize your potential, and our job guarantee is a testament to our confidence in the results.
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* Terms and conditions apply